Electrical contractor putting on an FR jacket on the way to work.


Arc Flash Safety Updates at an NFPA 70E Workshop Near You

20 Jan 2020

We’re passionate about educating the electrical industry on safety standards that address short-term thermal hazards, like arc flash and flash fire. It’s how we know we’re helping equip you with not only the industry’s leading flame resistant/arc-rated (FR/AR) textiles for personal protective equipment (PPE), but also helping apply these methods to provide maximum protection for your employees.

NFPA 70E provides the electric industry with critical guidelines to help protect employees—arguably a company’s most valuable asset—who face arc flash hazards on the job. As industries grow and change, safety standards are regularly updated to reflect the best approaches to create a safe workplace where employees can thrive. In fact, the latest edition of NFPA 70E, published in 2018, includes three critical updates that directly address arc flash hazards and PPE.

Westex by Milliken has teamed up with Cintas to host free educational workshops throughout 2020 including Phoenix, Dallas, Detroit, and Boston, focused on NFPA 70E. Industry experts will break down standards line by line so it’s clear how they impact your company—like increased responsibility placed on the employer—and will share strategies to help you create and administer a well-rounded FR/AR PPE program. Understanding these industry standards will help safety managers design and maintain well-rounded safety programs that can help reduce workplace injuries.

Hugh Hoagland, who has trained more than 50,000 line workers and serves on international standards committees including NFPA, ASTM, IEEE, and IEC, will be leading an engaging presentation on NFPA 70E standards and arc flash protection best practices.

Brandon Schroeder, an electrician with 19 years of experience before being involved in arc flash incident that changed his life, will share his personal experience and insight into why daily FR/AR PPE safety precautions are imperative, no matter an employee’s experience level or previous luck.

Also featuring presentations on NFPA 70E updates in regards to flame resistant fabrics and flame resistant clothing aimed to help inform your PPE selection process.

Each event will also include lunch and refreshments, and opportunities to win unique prizes.

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