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Westex Launching New Style for Popular Westex® DH Performance FR Fabric at ASSP Safety 2019, Booth 1727

04 Jun 2019

Every year, safety professionals, manufacturers and more gather at ASSP Safety to attend educational seminars, review best practices, discuss industry trends and find the latest innovations in safety. Westex by Milliken is a regular exhibitor, and we always enjoy connecting with others who have the same mission we do: to protect industrial workers daily.  Westex® branded FR fabrics cover a multitude of jobsite hazards, including offering proven protection to help mitigate impacts of short-term thermal exposures, like flash fire and arc flash. At ASSP Safety 2019, we’re excited to expand our line of industry-leading FR textiles with new styles for Westex® DH performance FR fabric.

“The breadth of the Westex fabric portfolio allows companies to customize their FR garment needs with key characteristics that are important to the wearer without compromising on safety,” shared Tom Moore, national sales director for Westex by Milliken.

Westex® DH performance fabric offers a unique fiber blend for outstanding breathability and optimized moisture wicking in protective daily FR apparel. Its high breathability and superior moisture-wicking properties keep the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable on the job. Surpassing leading competitor blend fabrics in the performance arena, Westex® DH is beneficial to wearers in all climates, from hot and humid summers to colder layering weather. Westex® DH performance-driven fabrics combine dual-hazard protection with unparalleled comfort.

Debuting at ASSP Safety 2019, Westex® DH is now available in an 8-ounce, 11 ATPV basket weave fabric. This durable style is an ideal option for tactical and cargo pants, compared to other weight fabrics, as it combines strength with practical styling for those needing functionality on the job. As with the entire Westex® DH line, the fabric is NFPA 2112 certified, provides NFPA 70E category 2 protection with an ANSI 107 certified hi-vis option, making it an excellent choice for flash fire and arc flash protection. We’ll also be previewing a new knit as part of the Westex® DH line, ideal for FR base layers.

Westex® DH performance FR fabric has you covered in your daily safety program with these four important features:

1: Breathability Advancements in fabric technology give Westex® DH the breathability traditionally associated with non-FR performance fabrics. Westex® DH helps keep workers cool on the job site helping lower workers’ susceptibility to heat stress. In addition, Westex® DH incorporates moisture-wicking technology that outperforms other FR fabric brands, which helps to keep workers cool and dry in a variety of work conditions and temperatures.

2: Versatility A range of weights makes Westex® DH a choice fabric for multiple garment types, including lightweight shirt, durable pants, coveralls and more to appeal to workers in the electrical field as well as the oil and gas industry. Westex® DH is NFPA 2112 certified, provides NFPA 70E category 1 and 2 arc flash protection, and is available in ANSI 107 high visibility yellow. We’re continuing to expand our fabric offerings within the line. Now the benefits of Westex® DH can be achieved in tactical and cargo pants with a durable 8-ounce basket weave with PPE Cat 2, 11 ATPV.

3: Easy care and maintenance Westex® DH can be washed at home or through industrial laundering and maintains excellent after-wash characteristics for a professional appearance. When the AR/FR garment is cared for in accordance with manufacturer specifications, the AR/FR properties will last for the life of the garment.

4: Third-party Verification Importantly, Westex by Milliken carries third party verification on FR fabrics for trusted reliability that the garment will protect against potential thermal workplace hazards—an additional level of credibility to the fabric. All Westex® DH fabrics are NFPA 2112-certified and meet NFPA 70E requirements for dual hazard flash fire and arc flash protection.

In addition to highlighting this line-up, our inhouse safety expert and Technical Sales Manager, Scott Francis, will be available to answer job site safety questions and teaching in-booth presentations about NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 updates, and PPE best practices for protection against flash fire, arc flash and combustible dust hazards. Stop by to chat with him about safety precautions and make sure you’re up to date on  safety requirements in your workplace.

Westex by Milliken has you covered in every work environment and situation, so be sure to stop by booth 1727 at ASSP to learn more about the latest in our FR fabrics and the chance to win great prizes, including a YETI outdoor adventure pack. We look forward to seeing you there!

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