westex® g2™

Westex G2™ is one of our most comfortable fabrics. In addition to lightweight, breathable and flexible properties, Westex G2™ fabrics are engineered to maximize airflow and wick away moisture faster to keep you drier throughout the day. With a uniquely engineered cotton/ polyester blend, Westex G2™ provides wrinkle resistant features, a deeper dye and excellent abrasion resistance. Milliken’s team of award winning PhDs developed a new patented FR polymer that makes this all possible. As with all our Westex® brand fabrics, Westex G2™ is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment.

Westex® G2™ Fabric Styles

Style Description Content ARC Rating (ATPV) NFPA 2112 Certified Cuttable Width Spec Weight OZ/YD2 (G/M2) Laundry Typical Garment Applications
4212 5.3 oz Knit Cotton, Polyester, Polyoxadiazole Cat 2 Yes 60" 5.3 (179) Light Industrial and Home Laundry Shirts
5152 7.0 oz Ripstop Twill 65% Cotton/ 35% Polyester Cat 2 Yes 60" 7.0 (237) Industrial and Home Laundry Shirts, Coveralls
5158 8.5 oz Duck Cotton, Polyester Cat 2 Yes 60" 8.5 (288) Industrial and Home Laundry Pants