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june is national safety month

June is National Safety Month

01 Jun 2016

“Our safety goal is zero injuries. We are committed to safety excellence in everything we do. Our basic belief is that all incidents can and will be prevented.”

  • Charlie Young, Corporate Safety Manager at Milliken & Co.

Safety is a core value at Milliken that drives our efforts to build a zero-injury culture. Safety products aren’t just something we sell, but a commitment we are passionate about as a company. At Westex by Milliken, we invest heavily in research that leads to innovative FR technologies to help keep industrial workers safe. We are more than a fabric supplier, we’re your partner because when it comes to FR safety, we are all in!

There are three critical components to being a leader in the FR industry: engineering, education and innovation. We specialize in fabric that resists shrinkage and retains FR properties, even after years of harsh conditions and laundering. Our innovation happens by combining engineering expertise with deep textile knowledge, a thorough understanding of the hazards and what workers want to keep them safe, confident and comfortable so that they can perform at their best. Our innovators bring together textile design, raw material expertise and FR chemistry to continue making groundbreaking FR fabrics.

Another vital part of FR safety is training, awareness and educating end users who need protective apparel. To date, we are the only FR company that has created innovative, real-world flash fire and arc flash tests to demonstrate the dangers of non-FR and generic products. Our free resources have become standard training tools at energy companies and with stakeholders around the world, and we pride ourselves on the deep scientific knowledge that has established our FR engineering expertise to help ensure workers stay safe.

Just as important as product innovation, is Milliken’s commitment of responsibility to its employees, the environment and worker safety. Milliken’s best-in-class safety processes has earned the following recognitions:

  • One of the nation’s top three companies for the number of sites receiving OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) STAR Certification.
  • One of the lowest total incident and injury rates of manufacturers in North America.
  • EHS Today’s “One of the World’s Safest Companies” (2004 & 2010).

For organizations looking to take their operational excellence or safety processes to the next level, Performance Solutions by Milliken can help guide the path to success. Performance Solutions by Milliken shares the comprehensive Milliken Safety Process™ with other companies. This is an employee-centric approach that is designed to build an organic, internal capability that’s permanently infused into the organization.

Learn more about our unmatched dedication to worker safety, both within our company and at yours!

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