Electrical contractor going to work in a high-vis UltraSoft shirt and Indigo denim.

Hazards and Safety Standards

en 13034

EN 13034

This British standard specifies the minimum performance requirements for limited use and re-useable limited chemical protective clothing against liquid chemicals (Type 6). Type 6 is intended for use in cases where the risk has been assessed as low and a full liquid permeation barrier is not necessary—when wearers are able to take timely action when their clothing is contaminated.

Limited performance chemical protective clothing is intended for use in cases of a potential exposure to a light spray, liquid aerosols or low pressure and low volume splashes. Westex now meets this standard with a non-PFAS finish for its DH, DH Air and UltraSoft fabrics. Reach out to our international market manager to learn more.

Applicable Hazards

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