Oil and gas worker on the job site wearing DH shirt and pants.


Our protective FR/AR fabrics are the last line of defense.

Westex conducts electric arc flash simulation to display protective fabric.

Hazards and Safety Standards

Proven Hazard Protection

At Westex®, our flame-resistant and arc-rated (FR/AR) materials and technologies help keep hardworking men and women more comfortable and confident in dangerous, demanding jobs around the world. In the event of a momentary electric arc flash, flash fire, combustible dust or molten metal splash exposure, everyday non-flame-resistant clothing can ignite and will continue to burn even after the source of ignition has been removed. Westex FR/AR fabric is the life-saving difference.

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westex® dh

With its uniquely woven blend, Westex® DH provides outstanding breathability and optimized moisture management to keep the wearer cooler, drier and...

westex® ultrasoft®

Westex UltraSoft®, our most popular cotton-rich FR fabric brand, has a strong reputation for providing an excellent balance of protection, comfort...

westex® indigo®

Westex Indigo® is a superior line of FR denim fabrics that combine the look of every day jeanswear with protective, comfortable...

westex® ultrasoft® ac

When comfort is the concern, Westex UltraSoft® AC is the top choice. Produced with a higher construction and finer yarns than...

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Up close shot of navy DH Coveralls.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our products are more than just textiles, they are a comprehensive and constantly-evolving suite of proven FR/AR technologies that safeguard against hazards. Through our constant pursuit of innovation, we combine our proprietary technologies with more than 150 years of manufacturing expertise. As the first to offer guaranteed flame-resistance for the life of the garment, we bring confidence through one of the world’s largest ranges of FR/AR fabrics.

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Together for Tomorrow

As a company, we gained insight to set our sustainability priorities, listened to stakeholders, created measurable goals and put the right team in place. Explore our Sustainability Reporting Hub to learn more and view our annual CSR Report.

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